The Process

by Jared Prince June 21, 2012

We thought we'd show you the finishing stages of the assembly of a print.  We took some photos of a 16x24 inch print of "Churches" by Bryce Johnson as we were putting it together.  At this point, we had already let the ink dry for 24 hours, spray varnished it with a HVLP gun and let it dry for another 24 hours.  This print has also been trimmed of excess canvas too.

The print has a 2" mirrored border plus another 1" of blank canvas to use during stretching.

We draw guidelines to know where to place the wooden frame.

We staple the canvas using an air compressor and staple gun.  We use a gallery stretcher machine to give us even stretching throughout the print, stretching one side at a time.  Then we cut away the excess canvas on the back.

The finished print.

With nice tight corners and sides.

It gets wrapped in paper to protect it.  Then we attach a piece of cardboard over top to protect it during shipping.

We wrap it in bubble wrap, place it in the box, and fill the spaces with recycled foam peanuts.  We want to protect it as much as possible so you get a beautiful, tight print, that will look great for years.  Remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so if you're not impressed with your print, just send it back.

Jared  Prince
Jared Prince


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