Regalo do Invierno

by Jared Prince October 31, 2012

Jaider Lozano, one of our Spanish photographers, is from the north coast in Asturias.   He says his view of surf photography is to "capture the beauty and power of the ocean and how man interacts with it."  Although many of his images involve powerful waves, he uses cooler tones which lends a softer feel to excitement of his photos.  

His newest surf photo on the site is "Regalo de Invierno", or "A Winter's Gift".  It was taken at a local beach in San Juan, on one of the best days of the year in 2008.  It perfectly illustrates every surfers dream of being in the water alone with offshore wind and a beautiful wave to themselves.  Jaiders unique style of muted colors and with great contrast are on display here.  

Jared  Prince
Jared Prince


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