Our local photographer, Ronald Hons

by Jared Prince February 06, 2013

Ronald Hons is based in San Diego and does most of his surf photography on the southern Californian coastline.  If you are a local in the area, you'll recognize most of the spots he shoots at.  Although he has beautiful shots from the land, we have chosen his water shots and their unique perspective they give us of the waves and the coast.  Braving the cold winter mornings, his shots truly capture the beauty of the area.

"I specialize in surf and beach lifestyle photography. Nowadays I shoot from where ever I can get the best angle, whether on land, or in the water. I shoot with a Canon 7D which offers great speed at capturing all the fast movement the ocean offers as well as a host of Canon L lenses to make sure that I am capturing all the detail as well.  I have my gear protected by SPL Waterhousing and also use a GoPro camera mounted on top of my housing to capture video at the same time.

It started with the Yearbook
"I have always had a love of photography since I was on the yearbook staff in high school.  Since then, it has always just been a hobby since moving back to San Diego.  Taking pictures around town or while on vacation.  However, when i bought my first iPhone, I downloaded the Instagram app.  It took me about six pictures to reach (what was then called) the popular page.  It was just a simple picture of a sunset from under the OB Pier.  My next picture was a picture of a surfer that I took off the Oceanside Pier.  It was by far my most popular picture to date.  I then started to look around Instagram to see who else was posting surf photography, and realized that the only other person lived in Indonesia.  That is how I started in surf photography.  Since then I have been shooting on a regular basis for two years and from the water for just over a year..

Learn from the best
"After I made the decision of getting into surf photography, I started looking online, and seeing what other professional surf photographers were doing and the gear that they were using.  I started to study photographers like Jack English, Peter Taras, and Art Brewer.  I even contacted both Jack and Peter and took a workshop from Art to further my skills in surf photography.  I draw inspiration from those same photographers, as well as a few others like Zac Noyle, Clark Little and Phil Gibbs.

So what was Ron's coldest day shooting in the water?
"The coldest day ever was last winter in December.  I like to get in the water in the mornings during the winter because of the clear skies.  The air temp was 38 degrees,  and the water temp was about 52.

Gear Advice
"Since I have become fairly popular on Instagram, I actually get asked for advice about surf photography all the time, which really flatters me.  The biggest question I get is about the gear that people should use.  I tell them what gear I use and why.  The biggest advice though, is respect all that came before you.  It seems that nowadays, everyone with a smartphone thinks they are a photographer.  The surf culture is a very fun and inviting culture, as long as you respect those who did it before you did.  As long as you remember that and are respectful to the locals, everything else will fall into place.  http://instagram.com/hons24

Where the Surfers Are
I have met a few surfers at the the various contests that I have shot at. Some of those include Paul Fisher, Kelly Slater, Kolohe Andino.  

Jared  Prince
Jared Prince


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