Surf Photography from a Spanish Perspective

by Jared Prince March 27, 2013

Sure, Spain isn't the surfing mecca that Hawaii and Indonesia are, but that doesn't mean there are no waves to photograph there.  Sometimes when the waves aren't perfect it beckons a different creative side to get an amazing photo.  This is exactly what Jaider Lozano and Elmo Hernandez are doing on the coast of Spain.  Although they have distinctly different styles to their surf photography, both have created beautiful photos from the waves near them. 

Jaider Lozano, from Aviles on the northern coast of Spain, studied his favorite photographers techniques and developed a style of his own from what he learned.  His photos typically are in B&W or muted colors, but have great contrast to drive the intensity of the picture.  He doesn't believe you need an elaborate setup to get the shot you want, just time, patience, and an understanding of what you're trying to create.  One of his more popular photos, "Winter Sunset" shows the last rays of light peeking through the city's buildings giving just enough light for a little more time in the water for the surfers. There's not a perfect wave in the photo, but as every surfer knows, those sunset surfs no matter the conditions, can be the most rewarding of all. 

Living in Asturias, also in northern Spain, Elmo Hernandez has a unique style all his own.  His photography captures the wild forces of the sea.  He shows the movement and power of the waves in his photos through his approach.  It's more of wave art than surf photography, because he is creating beauty by capturing the feeling of the sea.  He feels his photography is more intuitive and emotional than technical, which translates into magnificent images.  A photo that exhibits this perfectly is "Giants".  It shows the energy of the waves and wind with the subtle color of the ocean on an overcast day.

Jared  Prince
Jared Prince


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