End of Winter and Off to Mexico

by Jared Prince April 16, 2013


Although winter officially ended back in March, we all know we still get good waves at our surf breaks and snow on our mountains well into April on good years.  When I used to live in Telluride, CO, I loved the springtime skiing and snowboarding.  The days were usually sunny and warm which softened up the hardpack snow, and since you knew the end of the season was coming you took advantage of every bit the mountain had to offer.  If the coverage on the runs started to get too sparse there was always the air parks to have fun in hucking yourself around.  

Eventually the mountain would close for the season and it would be time to take an offseason road-trip. That's when we would pack our bags, dust off our boards, and make our way down to Mexico for some late season surf.  If you haven't been down to Baja California or southern mainland Mexico for a surf trip, you are missing out.  People talk about how dangerous it is down there, and it can be if you aren't smart about it, but my experiences have always produced amazing surf, food, culture, and all around great times.  I have found the people warm and welcoming, and have rarely felt unsafe at all.  The coastlines are filled with uncrowded point breaks and beach breaks.  If you explore a bit you will be able to find a surf break all to yourself and your friends.  Is there anything better?  Well maybe finishing it off with some fresh fish tacos and cold Pacificos.  

Surf trips are the best place to get photos of yourself on empty waves.  There is almost certainly someone in your group that is worn out and needs an excuse to hang on the beach for a bit.  And well, that means it is there turn to line the camera up and take some surf photos of the rest of the group.  Now days it seems like every group will have at least one GoPro to get video from the water too, which are always fun to watch later that night.  Although in my opinion, a good camera can really capture the essence of the trip with plenty of photos of not only the surf, but the camping spots, packed cars, crazy little shacks you eat at, and so on.  

So it is that time of the year.  Get off your ass and plan a trip with your friends somewhere you've never been.  Take plenty of photos and remember your experiences for the rest of your life.  It will be worth it, trust me.

*The photo above is not Mexico, but it captures the feeling well.

Jared  Prince
Jared Prince


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