That's Right, DebM's mini wave photos are here!

by Jared Prince May 16, 2013

We are really excited about our new wave photos by Deb Morris.  She hales from Australia where she grew up in Melbourne and Sydney.  While spending her teenage years living in Bondi Beach she formed a love of the ocean.  Deb has a fascination for the details of water movement which led her to start exploring the tiny ripples landing on the beach.  Using no water housing at all, she gets extreme closeups of tiny 1-3 inch high waves as they crash onto the sand.  Although they don't capture the power of the large surf usually photographed, they dazzle with their intricacy.  Beautiful and unique, her photos of miniature waves will surely give you a different perspective of the ocean.  Check out Deb's gallery of wave photos.

Jared Prince
Jared Prince


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