Adrian Wlodarczyk

Adrian began his surf photography career whilst living next to Bells Beach on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. Along this rugged coastline, Adrian forged his photography skills against the ever changing skyline that was influenced by the ocean. After seizing an initial opportunity to assist surfers in the area through his photography, he then progressed that knowledge onto the world stage of the ASP WCT for surfers and has never looked back. Since 2009 he has travelled the world shooting some of this planet's most exciting surfers on the World Tour and has been published extensively throughout Australia and the USA in magazines such as Tracks, Surfing Life and Eastern Surf Magazine .

Travel has taken him to some amazing locations and he has witnessed some of the sports famous and iconic moments which has pushed him to always go that little further in order to get the shot that matters. Adrian is now based in Los Angeles, California and continues his passion for the ocean, shooting surfers along this beautiful coastline all the way from Santa Barbara to San Diego.