Brandon Hauser

Photography is my art and it has been since I was a young boy. Placing a camera into my backpack was a precursor to adventure. Hearing the sound of the shutter’s click meant that I would remember that adventure for many years to come. Not much has changed; photographing wild things and wild places maintains and strengthens my fascination with the outside world. It helps me to accept how complex life is and to celebrate its bewildering existence. My camera provides courage to appreciate the details of everyday and every night. An image has the power to evoke emotion beyond the simple content of what was photographed. As a photographer my intention is to present an audience with an image that provokes something compelling, an inspiration that would be empowering to hold onto. My hope is for these images to strengthen everyone’s fascination with the outside world and to be a reminder of how deeply connect we are to nature. It’s one of the greatest gifts that we have.