Jordan Ingmire

I have been happily snowboarding and living in the mountains of the North West for the past 10 winters. Photography compliments my lifestyle well and provides a necessary balance as well as a creative outlet. I have a deep respect for those who create art. I enjoy the final product but more so I am intrigued with what drives people to create and the lengths they will go to do so.

I'm a laid back, open minded, professional lost boy. Im not in search of someone to show me the way, I prefer to stumble around until I find my footing and then run till my feet fall from under me. I am a dedicated individual who thrives off of passion, adrenaline, beauty and creativity. I value people and relationships above all else. I live to share adventures, stories and do my best to stay focussed on the moment.

I’ve heli’d in Alaska, snowmobiled to the summit of an active volcano, dominated turf wars with opposing photographers, worked with some of the best athletes in the world, photographed a 20-foot Giant Pacific Octopus up close and personal in the wild, inspired college classrooms, traveled to the ‘end of the world’, swam inside WWII sub destroyer, summited Himalayan mountains, heli’d in the Andes backcountry, been scuba diving through mountain caverns 100 feet below the sea in Greece, narrowly escaped North West avalanches, danced ‘til dawn in Argentina, eaten fried plantains in Santiago Chile, wiped out surfing 12-foot waves in Mexico and I’m just warming up.